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Justice for Nico

“A failure of leadership at Southern Health. A lack of transparency, missed opportunities, raising the prospect that some deaths could have been avoided if earlier incidents had been properly investigated” 

So said Michael Buchanan in his damming BBC headlining report on Southern Health NHS yesterday. But I can’t be sure at his point if Nico would have been living, safe and well today if “earlier incidents” had been investigated, or in fact if his death was one of those earlier incidents.

Death as “incident”. When you describe it like that you can almost see how easily a culture of non-investigation could thrive in a large NHS Trust.  After all, investigation takes, time, money, resources and a willingness to be thorough and painstaking.  It also requires you to believe that such an investigation is important and necessary.

Of the 12.000 unexpected deaths in Southern Health care, 30% of mental health…

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