An unexpected diagnosis, an unorthodox birthday and an unwelcome tumour

I can only wish him the best of luck and good health.


Some of you will be aware of my previous writings, whether on this roughly year old WordPress site or maybe even from a more “learned” source like a legal journal. On the basis that I have not yet achieved rock-star levels of infamy via my day job, there is a chance others happening upon this post will not be aware of my ramblings, but do read on, because this could just be the most important thing I will ever write and the most important thing you will ever read. Does that sound arrogant? Stick with me. If you are a bloke, or someone who cares about a bloke (which might feasibly be the whole population), that should bear my prediction out.

Testicular cancer. Wait, were you not expecting this paragraph to start with “testicular cancer”? I wasn’t expecting testicular cancer either, but I have acquired it. Not only that, it…

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